Viagra –Who Needs Viagra?

There are literally millions of men around the world who are facing erectile dysfunction and a large percentage of those are in good enough health to take Viagra so that they can get back to having sex with their partners. There are still some specific questions that should be answered to determine who exactly needs Viagra, which will be the subject of the following article. Once you find out the specifics of who needs to be taking the prescription drug, you will have a much better idea about whether or not you are doing the right thing for you. This is one of the reasons why it is such an important thing to visit a doctor as soon as you can.

Viagra and Visiting the Doctor

What most people do not realize is that there are actually people with erectile dysfunction who should not be taking the Viagra pills. While the percentage is small, if it is you, there are some significant risks. The main problem is that erectile dysfunction is actually just a side effect of more deadly diseases, such as heart attacks, which can cause some serious pain. Therefore, it is important for you to realize that the first thing you should do is visit a doctor and get their opinion for your intake of prescription drugs. If they say you are not a person that needs to be taking them, perhaps it is best if you listen.

There are many factors that go into whether or not you need Viagra. In the following section, we will show you who is at risk for erectile dysfunction and why you need to worry about it in order to have a much better sex life in the future.


What Kind of People Need Viagra?

The type of people that need Viagra are the kind that are having chronic trouble getting an erection when there is a clear mind and significant desire to do so. Many men who are drinking heavily and then facing impotence are not really needing Viagra, but those who are trying while sober and are past their prime sex age, might have a better need for the drug. These are the men who most likely have the cholesterol and plaque build up in their arteries and blood vessels, which is causing them to get the erectile dysfunction in the first place.

Some of the other men that do not qualify for taking Viagra are the ones with mental problems or psychological issues that are serious enough to prevent them from having a true sexual life with their partner. This is a huge problem because even though they might not be able to have sex while sober and trying often, it is due to a mental block rather than a physical. This means that Viagra will not help these kinds of people at all.

At the end of the day, there are a number of different kinds of people that need to use Viagra in order to get over their erectile dysfunction problem. If you are faced with this type of thing, it is best to simply get all the help that you can get from your partners emotionally and then move on to a much better and sustainable solution.

Getting Viagra is the best step you can take to get the short term impotence solution taken care of. There are a large majority of men who just take these drugs without knowing whether or not their body is ready and right for it or not. This is a bit of a problem, but at the end of the day, it could be a whole lot worse. So long as you make sure that you are getting the best use out of the Viagra drug, there will be no problems if you are healthy enough and you have already visited a doctor who has said that you can be sexually active.

Erectile Dysfunction – Is Watermelon Useful for Erectile Dysfunction

There are literally millions of men who are trying to get rid of erectile dysfunction every single day and many are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to get the problem solved. Many go for prescription drugs from their doctor because they are often cheap in the short term and offer enough help for men to feel satisfied with it. Nonetheless, it is important to realize that there are a number of foods that are useful for men to get in order to live a happier life. One of these is a fruit called watermelon that is well known by everyone as a delicious, red, summertime fruit. In the following article, we will discuss the properties of watermelon that makes it so effective and how you can use it in order to prevent erectile dysfunction from impacting your life.

Sweet Delicious Watermelon

Many of the people who eat watermelon have a vigorous sex life and few people have seen the correlation until modern scientists have stepped up their research. Even though watermelon is not the super sex fruit that it sounds like, it is definitely one of the best natural ways to increase blood flow in order to allow for erections to occur. Men who are trying to have a great time with their partner can eat enough watermelon beforehand and see some significant results.


At the end of the day, it is important to get the most delicious and sweet watermelon that you can find as these are the ones that have the most to offer. These have enough of the vitamin B and other nutrients that you can get all of the help you need from these fruits alone.

However, for most men who are overweight, it is a bad idea to eat too much watermelon. Even though it is a delicious fruit and has natural sugar, it is still high in sugar compared to many other foods. Even foods, such as candy, might have less sugar than watermelon due to the relatively high nature. In any case, it is important to realize that you should eat this in moderation. Too much will be unhealthy, but just enough will be good to increase your blood flow to the penis in order to have sex.

Do Other Fruits Work?

There are definitely other fruits that can help you to get an erection and avoid the humiliation that you might be feeling today, but that doesn’t mean that you should take any kind of alternative measures. Look for the various fruits that will help you to get over your impotence on a regular basis. Even though you now know watermelon is useful, also realize that mango and a number of other types of fruits will be useful for your purposes as well.

All of these things are exceedingly important for you to remember as you face the next years of your life. You can either face high bills to the pharmacy and your doctor for prescription pills, or you can get the watermelon and other fruit that you desire in order to maintain a happy life. At the end of the day, this could be the difference between whether or not you get impotence again.

Never settle for less if you can get over your erectile dysfunction problem. More importantly, if you are faced with the issue that you are reluctant to use chemical products, get the help from a fruit, such as watermelon, and you will see an immense difference in the way that you live your own life with your partner and yourself.

Viagra has Revolutionized the Lives of the Elderly

Maintaining a healthy sexual life is one of the most important things that an elderly couple can do in order to live happy and healthy lives. For centuries it was impossible for the elderly to continue sexual activity indefinitely because there were no immediate cures for erectile dysfunction and other similar male problems. Thankfully, there are new types of revolutionary prescription drugs that have given many older couples hope of enjoying their best years. Although the prescriptions have not yet been perfected, they go a long way to helping increase the overall health of many elderly people worldwide.

Health Benefits of Sexual Interaction

Obviously elderly people are now happy that they can continue to have sex without worrying about erectile dysfunction, but there are many other health benefits of sexual interaction that make Viagra one of the best things to happen to them. First of all, heart health has been directly linked to constant sexual interaction. The stress on the heart is reduced and blood pressure is also much easier for men to deal with at such a low level. Studies have shown that Viagra itself has these side effects, which actually help to increase the quality of life for elderly people.


Also, sexual interaction on a regular basis is much healthier in general. Viagra allows men to perform, which opens up a whole different world of importance for many couples. Stress and confidence are both tied to sex and can be remedied by more frequent sex. Many men lack the confidence and self esteem in their old age because they do not have regular sex, while stress is a factor that affects both men and women negatively. Sex is the ultimate natural way to reduce stress and thanks to Viagra, it continues to be more available for longer.

Viagra Lengthens Lives

When people feel happier they will be healthier. Many elderly people only need a certain amount of exercise in order to stay reasonably healthy and Viagra allows them to get that with sexual intercourse. Living a healthier lifestyle like many of these elderly people do, has definitely helped to extend the lives of thousands of men and women across the country. Although it is too early to see the effects yet, Viagra has had a huge impact on the lifespan of men and women across the nation.

Overall, Viagra is one of the most revolutionary prescription drugs that has ever hit the American market. There are many other drugs that save lives directly, but Viagra has been able to improve the quality of life for millions of elderly people. It isn’t just the males who take Viagra who are getting the benefits, however. Each elderly couple realizes how lucky they are to get the kind of health benefits from the prescription drug. Although it does not save the lives of elderly people directly, Viagra has allowed millions to enjoy their lives more and maintain healthier lifestyles throughout the entire time that they grow old with their significant other.

At First there’s the Shock…

erectile-dysfunction-treatments-which-is-righ-l-wc9zsqAs a relatively healthy 50 year-old in a great relationship I was a little shaken when two times in the same week, I found great difficulty in sustaining an erection to permit penetration. Now I, like most blokes, have have had the odd occasion when I couldn’t “perform” (hate that word, makes you seem like a performing seal at a circus!) in the bedroom. I could always find a justifiable reason for this; I had either had a little too much to drink, was stressed out by something or other- the kids, money issues, work, or was just plain dog-tired!  Few days later things were back to normal. No problems- I was firing on all cylinders, sexually speaking.

But two times in a week? Then I began to worry about what would happen the next time my wife and I were ready for some quality physical/sexual time together. Of course that latent fear just bubbling under made things worse. I started to panic and yes, failed again. But this time I couldn’t even achieve a semi-erection, despite my wife’s tender and skilful manipulations. She was great about it, but I was in a panic. If we were going to lose this aspect of our lives together that would be something in-between extremely disappointing and disastrous! My wife wasn’t up on things like erectile dysfunction (ED) why should she be?

I went to my doctor and he said quite calmly, “oh you probably have erectile dysfunction”. I nearly fell off the chair in the surgery! Me? ED? Once a young stud, then a vigorous virile middle-aged man in-between the sheets now laid low at the relatively young age of 50 with a younger wife? He laughed when he saw my concern and said it was often a man’s standard reaction when confronted with the fact that he had ED. But he cancelled his next appointment in order to explain to me (and show me on his lap-top) that ED was very very common, especially in men around my age. He also said that it was not curable as such, but was easily treatable. He mentioned oral ED treatments such as Viagra. I always thought that Viagra was just for young promiscuous men who wanted to sustain their sexual activity all through the night!  But I was wrong, Viagra and others in the same stable of oral ED treatments such as Spedra, Levitra and Cialis, will all provide a few hours, sometimes longer of good firm erections, at a cheap price and with no or few side effects.

It took a couple of goes to find the right tablet and dosage for me; I found that I could achieve and sustain a good erection with a lower dose pill, which meant that I had next to no side effects (just a tiny bit of nasal congestion). So I am now fully restored in the bedroom department thanks to the wonders of oral ED treatments, and think nothing of popping a pill before I and my wife’s planned love-making.

So the moral is don’t be shocked, don’t despair- if you think you may be suffering from ED consult your doctor or a pharmacist straight away and the chances are you’ll be diagnosed and prescribed and within a week be back to normal. It works for around 80% of men, so there’s a fair wind behind you being successful with the treatment!

Speak to An Online Doctor For All Your Health Issues


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No matter what walk of life you come from, you will probably recognize that it is embarrassing to have to go through health issues in front of a doctor. Your family physician might also be a good friend or someone that you do not feel comfortable about. In addition, it is sometimes just inconvenient to spend your time with a doctor during a busy day. In this article, we will show you how to get all your health issues taken care of with the help of an online doctor. These paid professionals will make your life a lot easier by avoiding the time consuming visits.

Online Doctors and Health Issues

If you are worried about your health and you are unable to find a doctor who can treat you, it is a good idea to find an online doctor as soon as you possibly can. You may have many different reasons for not seeing a doctor, but it is important to get professional help from health professionals as soon as you possibly can. These professionals will allow you the opportunity to get your health issues taken care of without spending the long period of time in line at the doctor’s office.

Most people these days are busy with a number of different responsibilities that makes it inefficient and silly to try to speak with a real doctor. It can take hours just to get an appointment and sitting in the office waiting can be a pain as well. For professional people who have the available technology, it is a much better idea to speak with an online doctor and get the help from there. You should look online in order to find them, but make no mistake, you need to find a doctor so that you can get your health issues taken care of.

Getting Health Issues Explained

Many of the people who are used to visiting a doctor recognize the amount of time that they had to attend school in order to get their credentials. Many people are so obsessed with these credentials that they start to wonder whether or not online doctors have the same skills. In almost every case, the doctors that are on the internet are available for a fraction of the time and cost with the exact same skills that you might expect from a professional health expert you might find in your own city.


Is Viagra for wimps?

Say the word ‘Viagra’ and immediately most people will assume that you are having problems in the bedroom department. This is often true as Viagra can be used to overcome problems with obtaining an erection when you are sexually aroused.

Many men find themselves in this predicament and start to lose confidence, thinking that maybe Viagra is just for wimps and that if they need it, then they are lacking in male prowess.
However, this is not the case. Any man of any age can be struck down with erectile dysfunction (ED) and at any time, no matter his state of health or fitness. There is absolutely no reason to think that because you have a temporary problem with impotency that your virility is at risk. ED can be triggered by so many things:
• Illness
• Chronic sickness
• Stress
• Overwork and tiredness
• Emotional problems
• Relationship issues
Even a mixture of all of these things can cause ED to kick in.
How can I get help with my ED?
First of all, you must realise that it is not your fault that you are suffering. Make an appointment to see your doctor or G.P and give them a full list of your symptoms and possible related conditions. Your doctor will then take a medical history and if necessary, carry out some basic tests. He may check your blood pressure, heart condition and cholesterol levels as all of these can also be linked to ED. He will then decide what the best treatment for you is.
What treatment may he prescribe?
Viagra or generic Viagra ( Sildenafil) may be offered on prescription. Depending upon the cause of your ED, similar drugs or treatments like acupuncture or hypnosis or stress remedies may be offered. It very much depends on what is causing your ED. If it is linked to an illness or disease, the doctor will treat that at the same time.
Before you know it, your confidence will be restored and your sexual problems will be a thing of the past.

The Blue-Green Tint

bluepillI’m 61, physically and sexually active and have been taking Viagra for a number of years now. It does what it says on the packet and gives me (with physical touching and foreplay) a good standard of erection that enables me to satisfy my lady and me for the duration of our sexual activity (usually about 20 minutes).

A lot of people tried Viagra as it’s probably the best known treatment for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) but then switched to alternative forms of oral treatment because of the side effects they experienced. I think I must be lucky because I only suffer one, relatively minor, side effect. I get no nasal congestion, no flushing of the cheeks, no headaches, and no aches on the joints or muscles. All I experience is the visual side effect of an off over-tinting of blues and greens. The best way to describe it is like looking at a child’s colouring book where the blues and greens are just a little to garish and unrealistic. If you look at a bright blue coloured object next to, say, a red one, I get the effect of a assort of thin black border between the objects, and the blue object seems slightly closer, like one of those old 1970’s 3D film where the technology was pretty primitive.

I asked my doctor about the effect and he said that a number of people experience a relatively mild transient (ephemeral) change in the inner and outer retinal function. My GP asked if the visual effect lasted long- I said, no, it was gone about three to four hours after taking a pill. He asked if it caused me problems, could I still distinguish between the colours of traffic lights, or any machinery that used colour indicators. The answer to that was no. I said it was more a sort of temporary curio, and in no way an impairment to my daily visual working, or leisure life. It was just.. there. I always got the effect, but it wasn’t getting stronger or longer-lasting. Therefore it was not troubling, and was completely out-weighed by the great effect the ED treatment had on my sex life.

I did try some of the other oral treatments but found one of them to give me a mild headache, while the other didn’t seem to give me as hard an erection as I was used to with these sort of treatment. My conclusion (and that of my doctor’s) was that I should continue with the blue lozenge. And I do!

New Chance for Cheaper ED Meds?

Can Canada Save You money on ED Meds? For American men who want to buy Viagra for less, there may be good news as states start to legalize imports from Canada. The state of Maine has formally legalized the purchase of drugs and medicines from Canada, which will enable health insurance companies doing business in that state to support the practice and therefore reduce copay costs, which is great news for Mainers who, like the rest of Americans, have seen skyrocketing healthcare costs in recent years.

-Buying Canadian Drugs is not new. Among Americans, it is not a new practice to buy medicines and drugs from Canada. Since the mid-2000s, folks from New Hampshire and Maine have been crossing the border into Quebec in droves to buy their medicines cheaper at Canadian pharmacies. The practice became so popular that large groups began chartering buses and making advance announcements in newspapers and online so that folks could plan their trip and stock up.

-Illegal Online Buying Goes On. In the highly-competitive market for ED meds, there are numerous, online offerings, some from Canadian sources, even though the practice in currently illegal. As of now, the FDA rarely enforces laws against buying Canadian drugs on line. Few, if any headlines have been found regarding stiff penalties for buying cheap Viagra, Cialis or other popular ED drugs. But the question of the quality of online purchases remains to be an issue, and one will find headlines about counterfeit meds that don’t do the job that the authentic ones will. Perhaps this will change if Maine’s move to legalize Canadian drug sales stateside gains traction on a national level.

-A model for the nation? The question is: if Maine can import Canadian ED meds, or any other meds, for that matter, why can’t New Hampshire. The nation’s rules for importing goods are largely the same, no matter what state represents the place or port of entry. And if New Hampshire can do it, why not New York, Ohio or Washington? It makes sense that states on the border will copy Maine first since they already have citizens who go north to shop for meds. Toronto is a short drive from Buffalo, New York. Vancouver isn’t very far from Seattle or Portland. Later, purchasing programs could be easily replicated in non-border states, especially since national healthcare companies are already involved in Maine.

Vardenafil for erectile dysfunction

depressedcoupleThere are many medications on the market today that are available to men who suffer from sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction.  It is important to know that there is no shame associated with this condition and, in fact, many men suffer in silence from this challenge to their ability to be intimate with their sexual partner.

Therefore, it is important to know about these medications that are available, how they are to be utilized and what some of the precautions associated with taking the use of erectile dysfunction medications.

Consequently, it is important to talk with one’s medical professional, obtain a prescription for medication if warranted and to know about the possible side effects associated with taking the medication.

Consultation with a Medical Professional

The most important step that a man can take if he has having difficulty with an erection is to consult with his medical professional.  This is important because, obviously, not being able to have an erection is a serious matter.  Therefore, consulting with a medical professional will help that doctor perform a number of tests and determine what may be the cause of sexual impotency.

However, the most common reason why a man cannot obtain an erection is due to poor blood flow.  This is due to the fact that when the man is aroused a blood flow increase is experienced by the sexual organ which in gorgeous that organ and causes the erection.  Therefore, if an erection is not occurring then it speaks to a blood flow issue.

Consequently, the doctor may prescribe a set course of action in helping the individual increase their blood flow.  Some of those actions could include the use of a specific diet, an action plan to release stress, where looser fitting clothing and other significant courses of action.


To help with the immediate problem of not being able to obtain an erection, the doctor may prescribe a number a medication that helps increase blood flow and help the male patient to achieve erections.  One such medication is Vardenafil.

Vardenafil or Levitra is a prescription medication that can only be prescribed by a licensed medical doctor.  It is used strictly for a male patient who is experiencing erectile dysfunction.  Through this treatment method, the chemical in the body known phosphodiesterase type 5 is blocked.  This in turn helps to broaden the blood vessels do its ability to relax these vessels and consequently allow the increased flow of blood.

Potential Side Effects

as with any medications there is always the possibility of side effects that can be experienced by the patient.  Some of those possible side effects associated with use of this medication could include headaches, and feeling dizzy.  In addition, the male patient may experience feeling of flushness, stuffy nose, blurry vision and light sensitivity by the eyes.

In addition, the male individual may experience a priapism.  A priapism is an erection that lasts for a significant period of time.  In the event of a priapism of four hours the man should seek immediate medical attention.

POV: Viagra according to the world of women

When the television is on and the football game is in high swing, there are certain things you can expect. The crowd in your house will be unruly (and surly depending on the score) hungry and boisterous. Those men are acting like men, and sometimes boys. In addition to the commercials with scantily clad women and massive steely trucks, an erectile dysfunction drug is piping in. Viagra is weighing in on the conversations of men, and women … are the benefactors?

An ED drug is on the market

I am not a woman, nor can I play one on TV or anywhere else. However, I put myself in the mind of a woman; one who learning of a drug that “cured” ED. Now, Viagra (sildenafil) does not cure ED, but represses it if you will, during appropriate times. Men, the proud, boastful, sex-mind laden boy men that they are, now have another tool in the pocket. As a woman, there may be two sides to view this revelation. Either this is a good thing or this is a bad thing.

Oh, good

Men are keen on stacked confidence. From the dawn of time, the male has dominated his world. If you are not sure, just ask him. He defines it by big and powerful cars, green lawns and massive cookouts. In quiet corners of the bedroom, men dealt with something over which they felt helpless. Erectile dysfunction was their Achilles heel. Then, in the early nineties, Pfizer pharmaceuticals experimented with a cardiovascular disease treatment called sildenafil. As it turned out, the drug did little for cardio health but did wonders for male impotence.

Oh, good!

I can see the advent of an ED drug from a positive perspective. Imagine a couple, long into their years together, celebrating a tenth anniversary. During the last few months, he began noticing performance concerns. He is embarrassed for sure, but feels like he is not fulfilling his duty or capability as a husband. His wife feels concern for him, because her perspective is his happiness (and her own), which is partly the investment in the relationship. She wants the intimacy and attention that rarely exists in the world of a man outside of the bedroom.

Either way one views it, ED is nearly outdated and couples can have the physical and emotional intimacy that enriches their union.